Who We Are?  
At Polmax Manufacturers, we are focused on providing  great services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we are sure you will be happy working with us.
Founder Of Polmax Manufacturers

Founder of Polmax Manufacturers, Alf Sayers, started the company in 1982 and has been going since. His son Wayne Sayers, has followed in his footsteps and has now taken over the business. Wayne has worked extremely hard to ensure that the business has kept its reputation, by continuously evolving and ensuring that the best services are always delivered, as well as the best products. Polmax Manufacturers will ensure and guarantee the best quality and services in the polyurethane industry due to its highly trained staff and 31 years of experience.

History of Polmax Manufacturers
  • Polmax Manufacturers was established in 1982 as a PTY Limited Company and was then changed in 1988 for auditing purposes

  • The company has been running for 25 years as a CC

  • The work force has a collective Polyurethane knowledge of over 100 years

  • For the past 15 years we have been the OEM supplier for Weir Minerals on polyurethane pump components

  • We are also the OEM supplier to Metso minerals

  • We specialise in the manufacturing of Polyurethane flotation cells and the reconditioning of such cells. We have found that if you recondition such cells you can save up to 35-40% of the cost of a new cell

  • We also specialise in lining of pipes, screen panels etc.

Why Us?  
  • We have had 31 years of experience, unlike most companies we are dedicated and well acquainted with the use of polyurethane

  • We truly do our best to ensure your full satisfaction and make sure we set our mission to ensure our customers are satisfied with the outcome

  • Our well trained staff will only produce the best products and will dedicate the hours to ensuring your specific requirements are met

  • Dealing with one of the world's largest industrial pump companies for the past 15 years Weir Minerals ,we will only guarantee the finest products as we are used to world class expectations and results

  • Our Polite staff will only ensure the finest customer service

Mission Statement

Polmax Manufacturers is a well-known, acquainted polyurethane company that will only ensure the finest products in the polyurethane industry as we are weir minerals number one OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and therefore will produce world class products as well as services for all of our clients .We will ensure that all deadlines are met and understand the complexity in the polyurethane industry and therefore will make sure all requirements are met, not only for the satisfaction of our customers ,but in order to keep the quality of our services at the highest possible point. Polmax will ensure that all components outlast any other components in the industry as we have many techniques and precision in the products we produce. Polmax Manufacturers will only dedicate its time to any project you may require in order to produce the best possible products. Polmax will produce any and every component that you as a client may we require as we are only a valuable tool to all of our clients.  Polmax is able to create and make any component needed in the PU industry whetherr it may be a standard component, or a difficult and unique component. We will compete with the best prices without compromising the final product.





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